Full Cakes Available on pre-order. Moist and airy hazelnut sponge cake topped with hazelnut crunch, perfect for your parties or special occasions.


A crispy golden crust, a thin cake or almond cream, a smooth custard or a creamy ganache or a light mousse or fresh fruits… and a lot of pleasure!

Pound cakes

Moist and light poundcakes, or “gâteaux de voyage”, perfect for your breakfasts or afternoon snacks.

Small bites

Madeleines and financiers… the perfect tiny treats you can take with you everywhere, and enjoy at any time of the day.

Every day is a special occasion to indulge yourself…

All you need is our Signature Cakes… to share? or maybe not…


Our concept: less is more…

Tout de Sweet is the extension of what homebaking offers to family and friends, i.e. a diversity of fresh handcrafted cakes, prepared from quality raw ingredients. At Tout de Sweet,  Signature Cakes be pre-ordered online or directly from the shop. We also invite you to visit us in our boutique in Wasl Square and enjoy our treats of the day.

100% homemade, from quality raw ingredients without preservatives

Special care to select the finest ingredients

Less sugar and less gluten for lighter treats

Unique flavors and textures combinations

Elegant and creative finishes, made mostly with high end chocolate and/or fruits

Our values

Our Team: Baking to create the “exceptional”

Equipped with passion, curiosity, creativity and discipline. Trained by our France-based consultant who has created the original concept of our artistry and manifested her refined palette and imagination into delightful pieces of art.

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